About Installation

Does my order included installation kits?

Certainly, every order comes with standard installation kits including screws and chains by default. If you prefer nails and wire ropes instead, kindly notify us accordingly.

How can I hang my neon signs?

Neonsign365 signs can be effortlessly and securely installed in just 10 minutes. Optional choices for mounted or hanging installations are available. Every piece comes with installation units, and we provide a straightforward screw kit with each order. Alternatively, you can include command strips during checkout. Select your preferred location, hang it up, plug it in – it's that simple! If you have any concerns about the installation process, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

About Product

How are Neonsign365 light signs made?

Neonsign365 signs are meticulously crafted by our skilled professional team. Utilizing low-energy LED tubes and cutting-edge technology, we guarantee the delivery of a high-quality, durable neon sign. Each custom neon sign is crafted with a robust acrylic backing, replacing breakable glass. The radiant glow is produced by eco-friendly LED lights instead of gas or mercury.

I'm not in US, how can i custom my plug / other accessories?

In our custom neon sign generator, you have the flexibility to choose your plug. While for our pre-designed products, there is no specific plug option listed. However, there's no need to worry. If we identify that your order is destined for other countries (e.g., AU, CA), we will automatically provide the plug according to the standard of your destination country.

What is LED Neon Flex light?

LED Neon Flex stands out as one of the most versatile options in the commercial lighting market. In comparison to traditional neon lighting, LED lighting products are not only smaller and lighter but also boast reduced power consumption while providing significantly enhanced illumination.

LED Neon Vs Glass Neon, what’s the difference between traditional glass neon and LED neon?
  1. LED neon lights outshine glass neon fixtures with their superior brightness, offering a consistent, dot-free, soft light that evenly illuminates your space.
  2. LED neon lights come in a diverse range of colors, including red, yellow, blue, green, neutral white, cool white, and warm white options.
  3. LED Neon Flex is exceptionally flexible, allowing for easy cutting, bending, and shaping – a contrast to the experience and expertise required for working with glass neon.
  4. LED Neon Flex prioritizes environmental and public safety, containing no toxic elements like mercury commonly found in glass neon.
  5. LED Neon Flex operates on normal AC voltage considerations, making it safer for turning the light on/off.
  6. Our LED Neon signs offer versatile options with clear, colored, or UV-printed acrylic backgrounds.
How much does a Custom Neon sign cost?

The cost of Neon Signs fluctuates based on factors such as sign size and design complexity. Our custom-made neon signs are exceptionally budget-friendly, featuring a factory price that surpasses the competition and remains unbeatable.

Why custom neon signs form Neonsign365 cheaper?

Neonsign365 is a neon sign manufacturer with branches in China, the United States, and the UK. We offer the ability to customize neon signs for you, providing competitive factory prices.

Is Neonsign365 light signs safe?

Certainly, our neon signs at Neonsign365 are meticulously crafted by hand using LED flex neon lights. These signs are free from gas or mercury components, operating safely with 12 Volt DC Power Supply Adapters, eliminating any risk when the light is turned on. Notably, our neon signs are glass-free, ensuring safety, and the LED Neon technology prevents overheating, making them more energy-efficient compared to traditional glass neon signs.

What Neon light color can I choose?

We offer a diverse palette of 25 colors for you to choose from. Among these, 11 exhibit a white appearance when the sign is off but transform into vibrant colors when switched on. The remaining 10 colors come with a jacket, serving as a cover over the tube. Even when the sign is turned off, these colors are still visible, albeit not as brightly.

For those wanting to maintain a specific color when the neon lights are off, options include orange, baby pink, green, hot pink, blue, red, purple, lemon yellow, ice blue, yellow, and warm white. Alternatively, if you prefer a white appearance when the logo is off, we recommend choices such as white orange, white yellow, white pink, white green, white blue, cold white, and white red.

About Shipping

How long will I receive my neon signs?

Our neon signs are meticulously handmade with a commitment to the highest quality. The production timeline is generally between 4 to 10 days, and once crafted, delivery takes approximately 3 to 7 days. Should you require urgent service, please don't hesitate to contact us for assistance.

What shipping method do you use?

For swift and dependable delivery, our preferred choice is express shipping services like DHL, FedEx, and TNT.

I'm not in US, do i need to pay shipping cost?

Neonsign365 provides worldwide shipping, and for most countries, we offer complimentary shipping. In the case of certain regions such as Japan or Singapore, where additional shipping costs may apply, these will be clearly outlined on the checkout page.

About Returns/Claim

What happens if my neon sign arrives damaged?

Upon receiving your parcel, kindly open it promptly. In the event of any damage, please contact our sales team and provide detailed pictures of the issues. Following a thorough review, we will promptly offer a solution to address the matter.

Can I return my neon sign if it turns out bad quality?

Every neon sign undergoes rigorous quality testing and is securely packed for delivery. We provide a 1-year warranty for your order. If you encounter any issues with the product, please reach out to our sales team after receiving it, and we'll offer timely assistance to address any concerns.


Our neon signs undergo manual sculpting without the use of molds or machinery to bend the glass tube. Due to this artisanal process, we cannot assure that each neon sign will be identical to the images presented on our website.